Orocroon - Metal Impacts

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Small impacts recorded by hitting a metal rod against another metal object to create impacts that have a varying degree of ressonace/ringing tails. The impacts themselves are mostly small to medium small, from tinny to more impactful. A few have very long resonance tails and a decent bottom end, but most have short to medium tails. A few impacts on a metal chain causing very short rattles.

All files have UCS metadata and you get a royalty-free license with unlimited seats.

Gear used: Zoom H5 recorder, Røde NTG5 microphone.


What you get

  • 116 sound effects

  • 24 files

  • Sample rate: 96kHz 24-bit

  • File format: WAV

  • Metadata: UCS

  • Royalty-Free

  • Unlimited Seats

Add to cart $15 USD

+VAT for EU and UK

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