Orocroon - Wind Interior

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All sounds loop seamlessly. Recorded inside a house in various areas when there was a small storm outside. Low rumbles, a loose metal plate on top of the roof keeps banging infrequently. Some tonal whistles and some wind gusts from inside the house. Then moving out to a very old garage, the sounds gets much clearer and intense. Some loud metal banging noises in some files, otherwise more wind gusts, a tarp that sometimes gets exited and some creaking noises.

NOTE! Overall volume is low due to these being ambiences, but some recording from the Garage, like 3alt and 4alt have loud metal banging noises in some areas. Take care of your ears!

All files have UCS metadata and you get a royalty-free license with unlimited seats.

Gear used: Zoom H5 recorder, Røde NTG5 microphone.


What you get

  • 13 sound effects

  • 13 files

  • Duration: 26 min

  • Loops: Yes

  • Sample rate: 96kHz 24-bit

  • File format: .wav

  • Metadata: UCS

  • Royalty-Free

  • Unlimited Seats

Add to cart $15 USD

+VAT for EU and UK

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