I am having trouble purchasing!

If you have problems pruchasing from this website, chances are that your browser is having trouble with the Gumroad integration. If this happens you can buy directly from my main Gumroad page instead.

How do i download updates?

Everytime a product is updated, you should recieve an update-email with information.

Scroll to the bottom of the update-email, next to Unsubscribe, click the link named Orocroon - "Audio Pack Name".

If you have a Gumroad account, check the the Library area. You can also check your original purchase email.

If I buy a product here, do I get it on Gumroad?

Yes. Purchases on this website go through Gumroad directly.

How do I use the contents of the packs?

All products are Digital Downloads and delivered as a .zip file.

Extract the .zip file to use the contents. After extraction, you will find the contents available in folders named appropriately.

All packs also come with Release Notes and Content PDF files.

What is the license?

Who makes these packs?

Music and sound effecst are made by Øivind Rosvold

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