Orocroon - All In One SFX Bundle

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Contains all current Orocroon SFX packs:

  • Ice Breaking

  • 69 crunchy and popping sounds of ice breaking.

  • Footseps Human Snow

  • 24 longer recordings of snappy and crispy footsteps in various depths of snow and hardness of crust.

  • Metal Impacts

  • 121 small metal impacts recorded by hitting a metal rod against another metal object to create impacts that have a varying degree of ressonace/ringing tails.

  • Wind Interior

  • Over 25 minutes of low rumbles, some tonal whistles, wind gusts and creaking noises from inside a house and a garage. The sounds/ambiences are looped seamlessly.

  • Wood Friction

  • 74 creaks from an old wooden staircase and scrapes against wood and concrete from a wooden pole.

  • Wood Movement

  • 116 bounces, rattles and dragging sounds from a wooden pole against a concrete and wooden surface.

What you get

  • 417 sound effects

  • 94 files

  • Sample rate: 96kHz 24-bit

  • File format: .wav

  • Metadata: UCS

  • Royalty-Free

  • Unlimited Seats

  • Future updates: Yes

Add to cart $69 USD

+VAT for EU and UK

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